The most beautiful lighthouses on Costa Dorada

The extensive Catalan coastline, some 80 kilometres long, offers incredible views of the continental sea that bathes its coastline, Mediterranean Sea, which is home to many of the most important cities in the world. Its calm waters provide a very pleasant temperature, so that you can enjoy a fantastic climate all year round.   

This sea has been navigated countless times throughout history, from Egyptians, Romans and Greeks, through the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, to the present day, and has always been a key element in the development of cities. But not only economically, but also, over the last few centuries, as a tourist attraction. Its coasts are ideal destinations to enjoy the beach, the sun and nature, as well as the local gastronomy.   

One of the most unique places that stand out along the Catalan coastline are its lighthouses. That is why, in this publication, we are going to explain their characteristics and where to find them, specifically, those located on Costa Dorada. You must consider that Shuttle2Sun offers its shared transfer services and private transfer services, low-cost and sustainable, so you can move to any place in the area, from Barcelona airport, Barcelona port, Reus airport, Girona airport and Camp de Tarragona AVE train station.     

Costa Dorada  

Costa Dorada is a stretch of coastline in the southeast of the autonomous community of Catalonia, which is bounded by Costa del Garraf, in the province of Barcelona, and Costa del Azahar, in the province of Castellón. Some of the most outstanding towns are Calafell, El Vendrell, Altafulla, Torredembarra, Tarragona, La Pineda, Salou, Cambrils, L’Ametlla de Mar and Sant Carles de la Ràpita 

All of them have the privilege of being located right next to the sea, offering a most pleasant and sensory experience to residents and visitors, due to their unbeatable sea views.

In addition to enjoying the beach in the summer months, its coasts offer a wide range of activities for everyone, which can be enjoyed all year round, such as water sports; hiking routes along its cliffs, to discover the coves and paths that run along its coastline; and environmental workshops to raise awareness among families about caring for the planet.  

Its lighthouses are also a reason to visit, as they offer privileged views of the surroundings, especially at sunset, from where you can enjoy a panoramic view in which the sky is tinged with orange and reddish colours, until it gives way to the dark night.   

Lighthouses Costa Dorada

The evolution of lighthouses

First, we encourage you to read our publication “The most beautiful lighthouses on Costa Brava”, where we explain what lighthouses are and their function over the years. You can also discover the most emblematic lighthouses on Costa Brava 

Centuries ago, when people began to sail between territories to explore new routes, lighthouses were used along the coastline to help ships find their way around. Later, for a time, bonfires were used to warn navigators at nightfall and were installed on top of tall structures to improve visibility. These visual signals have evolved progressively over the centuries to the present day. In Roman times, for example, olive oil lamps were also used. In recent centuries, oil and gas have been used, followed by incandescent bulbs, up to the LED lights that are commonly used today.   

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Torredembarra lighthouse

Lighthouses in Delta de l’Ebre area 

Next to the mouth of Ebro River, in the south of Catalonia, you will find Punta de la Banya lighthouse, dating from the mid-19th century, one of the most emblematic in the area. It is in the town of Sant Carles de la Ràpita. Although it does not currently have its original structure, due to the condition of the tower, in its place you will see a large concrete structure, built in 1975. The old lighthouse has not been lost but has been rebuilt and you can visit it in Port of Tarragona. It retains its original name: ‘Far de la Banya’.   

In the same town of Sant Carles de la Ràpita, there is also Punta de la Senieta lighthouse, dating from 1864. This lighthouse is part of a square building, from which the tower, with its respective light, protrudes.   

In Deltra de l’Ebre area, it is also worth mentioning the lighthouse on Buda Island, which is currently submerged in the depths of Mediterranean Sea, due to the rise in sea level over the last few decades.   

Another of the municipalities with this structure is Deltebre. Fangar lighthouse, also known as La Faroleta, is the most mythical lighthouse in the whole Delta. Its aesthetics have changed over the years, due to the deterioration caused by the weather. It is located on Punta del Fangar, an area that resembles a desert. In the south of Catalonia there is also Cap Tortosa lighthouse, which is in the sea, 2 miles from the coast.   

In the heart of Costa Dorada

If we continue along the coastline of Costa Dorada to the northeast, we will find Cambrils lighthouse, a red structure, built in the mid-20th century, which stands out in the town’s port.  

Salou also has one of the lighthouses with one of the most beautiful settings in the area, Cap Salou. Its lighthouse, located 43 metres above sea level, is located on Roca de la Falconera, an area with several viewpoints from where you can enjoy the most beautiful sunsets.    

Finally, don’t miss Torredembarra lighthouse, one of the most recent lighthouses, which came into operation in 2000. It is also the highest lighthouse in Catalonia 

If you visit Costa Dorada, make the most of your stay to discover its lighthouses. With Shuttle2Sun‘s low-cost and sustainable shared transfer services and private transfer services, you can get to any location, from Barcelona airport, Barcelona port, Reus airport, Girona airport and Camp de Tarragona AVE train station. 

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