What do I have to do upon arrival?

Depending on where you arrive (airport, cruise port or train station) the booking voucher will tell you what to do and where to go. Please follow those instructions to find the representative/driver.

How do I find my vehicle?

You will find the instructions on the booking voucher, which is generated digitally at the time of booking. Please make sure you travel with the booking voucher, as this will be essential for you to meet the receptionist/driver.

If, for any reason, you are unable to reach the receptionist/driver at the meeting point, it is important that you do not leave the meeting point without first calling the telephone number on your voucher until the receptionist/driver contacts you.

Please note that no refunds will be given in cases where you cannot prove that several phone calls have been made in an attempt to contact us.

How long is the waiting time at the airport?

Private transfers: Your driver will wait a maximum of 1 hour starting at the time your flight lands.

Shared transfers: Standard waiting time is 60 minutes from your original flight time, please check your voucher for details.

If your flight is delayed and if there is availability on the next available service going to your resort, we will offer you a free reassignment on a later departure, please note that the waiting time will be longer.

Will the driver drop me off and pick me up at my accommodation?

Private transfers: Shuttle2Sun will, where possible, operate a door-to-door service. There may be occasions when this is not possible due to local traffic restrictions (e.g., private property, narrow or pedestrian streets, depending on vehicle dimensions and road size, police requirements, weather conditions, etc.).

Where these restrictions apply, you will be dropped off and picked up at the nearest access point.

Shared transfers: The shuttle service, being a shared service, does not always allow you to stop in front of the door of each accommodation so Shuttle2Sun has established a series of nearby stops and meeting points for the different accommodations, so that the transfer time can be reduced.

You can check with the airport representative if your accommodation has a stop.

How long will my trip last?

Travel times are estimates and are applicable for a typical day's travel. It is possible that these times may vary depending on time of day, road closures or detours, traffic volume, etc.

Changes with the final service provider

Shuttle2Sun is not responsible for changes or modifications agreed directly between the customer and the final service provider.

Lost and forgotten items

You are the only responsible for your luggage, please remember to collect all your belongings before leaving the vehicle. Shuttle2Sun is not responsible for forgotten or lost objects in the vehicle.

In case you lose any object, please contact us by e-mail: help@shuttle2sun.com, indicating the confirmation number of your reservation.

What should I do upon departure?

As indicated on your booking voucher, the pick-up time and location will be sent by email by the supplier to your accommodation, if allowed by the reception, 48 hours prior to departure.

Please note that you should arrive at the pick-up location at least 10-15 minutes before the pick-up time. The driver will not wait.

How do I get my booking confirmation?

Once the payment has been made, a booking confirmation will appear on the website with a link where you can print your booking as a PDF file or save it on your cell phone. In addition, the sending of the booking voucher is automatic and takes place after the payment process. If you have not received a confirmation email with the booking voucher within 4 hours after booking, please check your email spam folder to see if it got there, before contacting us. If it does not appear in your spam folder either, please contact us by email at info@shuttle2sun.com or call us at the following telephone number (0034) 977 271 588.

Once you have received the booking voucher you should check all the details are correct. If you notice any errors, you must inform us immediately, as we may not be able to change it afterwards. Shuttle2Sun, as the Supplier's booking agent, will forward your booking request to the Supplier.

How do I book a last-minute transfer for today/tomorrow?

Reservations are only accepted up to 24 hours before the day of service. Please note that you can book your return trip only if you wish.

I cannot find my e-mail confirmation; can I get it resent to me?

With your confirmation number, please get in contact with us through our web form with your travel date, destination, and the lead client's name, and we will resend the confirmation to the email address we have on file.

Baggage Allowance

The quantity allowed per person is one standard size suitcase (55x40x25 cm) with maximum weight of 20kg and one small piece of hand luggage (small backpack, handbag, not a small carry-on bag). Please note that your hand luggage will be transported in the vehicle with you, so it must be of a small size and appropriate for it.

In the case of traveling with excess baggage, you must contact us at least 48 hours before the service. Please note that in the case of excess luggage, such as extra suitcases, large suitcases that are outside the luggage included in your reservation, it may be necessary an extra transport in order to take your luggage, this will incur additional costs.

For private services if you travel with the following: wheelchairs, skis, golf clubs, strollers, etc..., it is strictly necessary to have previously paid in your reservation the additional cost of such items. Please note that in the event that extra transportation is necessary in order to transport your luggage, this will incur additional costs.

Traveling with infants and children

In application of national and local laws regarding the use of child restraints/child seats for children from 0 to 2 years old and children from 3 to 11 years old.

In the case of shared transfers, it is not possible to use an infant seat as the vehicles do not have compatible seats, as these transfers are carried out by coach or minibus.

For private transfers, the use of child seats or booster seats for children under 12 years of age or 135 cm in height or lower is mandatory for safety reasons. It is necessary to notify at least 48 hours in advance, please note that this will incur an additional cost.

Policy on inappropriate behavior and abusive language

Shuttle2Sun reserves the right to refuse transportation to any person who is believed to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Transportation may also be denied to any person whose behavior and/or language may be considered abusive and may cause a threat or offense to the representative, the driver, any other passenger or causes damage to the vehicle. No refunds will be given for services not performed for the above reasons. For any damage caused to the vehicles, the person causing the damage will be held responsible for the charges incurred.

How can I pay for my transfer?

The following forms of payment are accepted: MasterCard, Maestro and VISA.

Payments for reservations in cash or bank drafts are not accepted.

Booking Amendments

If you wish to change any information in your reservation, please contact us at booking@shuttle2sun.com. Remember that any amendment made 4 days prior to your trip, will have no additional charge. If the amendment is made between 2 and 4 days of your trip, the additional cost will be 50%. Amendments made less than 2 days before your trip will not be accepted. 

All modifications will be subject to availability of the supplier.

Booking Cancellation

If you wish to cancel your reservation, please contact us at booking@shuttle2sun.com. Remember that any cancellation made before 4 days of your trip, will have no additional charge. If the cancellation is made between 2 and 4 days of your trip, the additional cost will be 50%. In case of cancellations less than 2 days, we reserve the right to charge 100% of the cost of the service.

What happens if my outbound flight is delayed?

All flights are monitored by the supplier, so you do not need to contact Shuttle2Sun if your flight is delayed.

In the case of private transfers, the supplier will automatically modify your pick-up time.

In the case of shared transfers, if there is availability by the supplier, you will be offered a free reassignment on the next available service going to your accommodation.

Please note that there are no seat assignments on shared shuttles.

What happens if my flight is cancelled?

In order to accept the cancellation of your reservation due to the cancellation of your flight, Shuttle2Sun must receive written communication of the cancellation at least 6 hours before the scheduled arrival or departure. In this way, we will also be able to advise you on the possibility of reassigning a new transfer so that you do not lose your reservation.

Shuttle2Sun is not responsible for possible flight cancellations.

Shuttle2Sun is not responsible for any possible loss of the transfer service due to cancellations, delays or missed connections that have not been reported sufficiently in advance to Shuttle2Sun or the final supplier. We will also not be liable for any difference in fare resulting from the cancellation and creation of a new reservation.

Shuttle2Sun is not responsible for changes or modifications agreed directly between the client and the final service provider.