Barcelona Ciutadella Park  

If at this moment you arrive in Barcelona and you want to visit the Zoo, you have to go to the park of the Ciutadella, not only you can find this in this park, of Geology and Zoology museums are also inside.   

Located in the neighbourhood of La Ribera (nowadays El Born), which belongs to one of the four neighbourhoods in the Ciutat Vella district of Barcelona, where the church of Santa Maria del Mar is located, the park is in the extramural area as it was known in medieval times.  

The same time this space was created, was demolished with the outbreak of the 1868 revolution and was named Barcelona’s first public garden. Josep Fonteserè oversaw designing the new park for the enjoyment of the people of Barcelona. In addition to strolling and enjoying nature in the middle of the city, you can visit:  

The Castle of the Three Dragons 

It was originally designed to host the main restaurant of the Universal Exhibition of 1888. It is located at one end of the park. Lluís Domènech i Montaner began to build it, although he did not finish it due to problems in the execution of the work. With a modernist soul, the building of exposed brick, wrought iron and ceramics has a square ground plan with four towers. A few years after the end of the exhibition, the space was dedicated to the Museum of History and in 1920 it was readapted to host one of the four headquarters of the Museum of Natural Sciences. A perfect place to visit with the youngest members of the family.    

The Parliament of Catalonia   

It was the residence of the royal family in 1888 during the Universal Exhibition. It was used as Barcelona’s municipal museum of decorative and archaeological art. With the arrival of democracy, it once again became the seat of Parliament. Built with stone from the Montjuïc mountain and red brick, on the outside you can see the arches that form a portico on the lower floor. Just in front of the building, we can discover a corner with very pleasant vegetation where we can stroll and enjoy a sunny day as it’s usual in the city.   

Gaudí’s monumental waterfall   

Also known as the Great Waterfall or Monumental Waterfall, this is an architectural and sculptural ensemble designed by José Fontserè, although the hydraulic project was designed by Antoni Gaudí, and has been declared a Cultural Asset of Interest. The sculptural elements dating from the end of the 19th century, such as the Nativity of Venus as its central element, make this waterfall a spectacular creation.   

Or you can simply take a stroll, enjoy nature in the middle of the city and sail with one of the boats on the magnificent lake in the Ciutadella Park.  

Now that you have a bit more of information about the Ciutadella Park, don’t hesitate about booking your transfer with us from Barcelona airport, Reus airport, Girona airport or the AVE Camp train station. 

Parque de la Ciutadella en Barcelona
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