Christmas markets in Barcelona  

December is starting and, as Christmas approaches every year, it’s time to begin to think about what presents to give for this long-awaited time of year and you may be lacking in ideas. Are you going to be in Barcelona over the festive season? In this article Shuttle2Sun is going to suggest you some ideas about what to give for Christmas so you can enjoy the Catalan capital with your loved ones.

Wax Museum  

It is located on Rambla Barcelonesa and is a place where some of the most important figures in our history are brought to life. There are more than 120 figures, 28 interactive spaces and characters related to music, cuisine, sport, cinema…   

It is a museum in constant evolution, so every year new areas with different themes and, of course, new important characters are added.  


This is one of the most original bars in Barcelona, and the temperature in this place is -5ºC. You’ll have to wear gloves and a big jacket to enter this place. Inside this peculiar place, you’ll find ice sculptures, as well as the walls, the seats, the lamps, the bar, and absolutely everything, even the glasses!  

Barcelona Aquarium  

This is the only aquarium in Catalonia and the most important centre with a Mediterranean theme. Here you can see 35 different aquariums and an enormous 11,000 animals of 450 different species. If you want to enjoy a great day observing all kinds of marine species, this is a perfect plan, as you can see themed aquariums, tropical, Mediterranean, the oceanarium, species that live in the cold, and a long etcetera. It’s a worthwhile experience and we’re sure you won’t forget it.  

Now that you know what to give to your beloved ones for Christmas, what are you waiting for? Book your transfer from Barcelona airport, Barcelona port, Girona airport or Reus airport to your hotel or flat in Barcelona and let yourself be amazed by this fantastic city.

Christmas private transfer
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