Secret Santa Gift ideas

Giving gifts at Christmas is a universal action, which, over the centuries, has become more widespread. Giving gifts is synonymous with sharing, happiness, union and complicity, as it allows us to make a kind act of gratitude to our loved ones, in this case, during the celebration of Christmas. We also give gifts for birthdays, another key moment in our calendar that allows us to spend time with our family and friends.   

Nowadays, we have also added to the Christmas season a very original and fun event to share with our loved ones, the famous Secret Santa, which can be done with family, friends and even work colleagues. In this article, we are going to present you with some perfect gift ideas for Secret Santa.  

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Origin of Christmas gifts

Around the world, there are several traditions that revolve around Christmas, such as Santa Claus, the Three Wise Men, the Secret Santa, among many others. In ancient Rome, rituals were performed to honour Saturn, the god of grain and agriculture, and gifts were exchanged to wish for a good harvest.   

Another belief revolves around Saint Nicholas, an orphan who lived during the 4th century and dedicated himself to helping the homeless after receiving a large fortune.

Apparently, he gave bags of gold to some girls, which he dropped down the chimney of his house, ending up inside the stockings that had been left hanging to dry. This is the origin of the tradition of placing socks in chimneys for Santa Claus to place sweets and presents inside.   

On the other hand, the Bible records the fact that the Three Wise Men made a series of offerings to the baby Jesus for his birth. This date is currently celebrated in some countries, such as Spain, on the 6th of January.   

It is for all these reasons that in many societies around the world various traditions were incorporated during the days of Christmas, which included giving gifts to loved ones.   

Secret Santa Gift Ideas

What is the Secret Santa?  

The supposed origin of the Secret Santa dates from the 19th century, when in Venezuela, married women were not allowed to have close friends. Therefore, it was decided to organise, for the first time, a random exchange of gifts between those in a close circle. Initially, the names of the people involved were written on papers, and an innocent hand secretly handed out the papers. The initial name of this practice was ‘Compadre de papelito’.  

This initiative has evolved over the years, and nowadays there are even mobile applications to facilitate the task of handing out names among the participants.   

Even so, the essence remains the same. Give a gift without the person who receives it knowing who the gift-giver is, so that they try to guess who it was. That is why it is necessary to know very well the tastes of the person to whom you are giving the gift, or, if you don’t know his hobbies, research during the days prior to the event, to get him the ideal present.   

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Gift Christimas Costa Dorada Barcelona

The best shopping, on Paseo de Gracia in Barcelona  

If you want to get the best gift for your Secret Santa, we recommend one of the most emblematic streets for shopping: Barcelona’s Paseo de Gracia. You’ll find everything from luxury boutiques to the most fashionable brands. More than 100 shops are at your disposal, with household items, fashion and accessories, stationery, among many others, so you can choose the gift that best suits the person you have to give.   

In the area around Plaza Catalunya, Rambla Catalunya and La Rambla, there are also many other establishments, depending on the budget for your gift.   

An original mug; a fashionable bag; a Christmas jumper; a work kit to start the year 2024 in the best way; a book; a perfume; personal care products; an Easter flower; or a board game; are many of the options you can find in the shops that await you in this main avenue of Barcelona.  

Visit Tarragona’s shopping centres  

The city of Tarragona also has several places where you can buy the ideal gift for your Secret Santa. On the one hand, Parc Central, a large shopping centre located at the entrance to Tarragona, where you can enjoy the fashion shops selling clothes, accessories, home decoration, cosmetics, food and much more, where you are sure to find the perfect gift. There is also a Corte Inglés, in Tarragona, where you will find the best brands.  

If you prefer to stroll through the main streets of Tarragona and discover the local shops, we recommend you to go around Rambla Nova and the Central Market, where you will find traditional and artisan establishments of great quality.  

Stroll through the main streets of Costa Dorada  

Other places where you can find great products to give as gifts are the main streets of the towns of Costa Daurada, such as Cambrils and Salou, towns with a wide range of stores where you can shop all year round.   

If you have found interesting the suggestions we have given you so that you can find the ideal gift, don’t think twice. Go to Barcelona or Costa Dorada, with Shuttle2Sun‘s private transfer services, low-cost and sustainable, from Barcelona airport, Barcelona port and Camp de Tarragona AVE train station. 

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