Celebrate World Children’s Day

Children are the future of society and the world. It is therefore essential to work on their rights, to guarantee them a dignified life and a promising future, especially focusing about the most disadvantaged. And, in turn, to promote values such as respect, tolerance, solidarity and peace.   

In this sense, every 20th of November, World Children’s Day is celebrated internationally, a date that highlights the three fundamental rights of children: health, education and protection, as well as encouraging global collaboration to fight for their needs, wherever they are born.   

In this publication, we propose a series of fun plans for you to celebrate World Children’s Day with your family and with the youngest members of your household, which you can do in Barcelona, Costa Dorada or Costa Brava. You can count on the private transfer services, low-cost and sustainable, that Shuttle2Sun puts at your disposal from Barcelona airport, Barcelona port and Camp de Tarragona AVE train station 

Origin of this date  

The origin of World Children’s Day dates back to the Universal Declaration of the Rights of the Child, decreed in 1959. Subsequently, in 1989, the Convention on the Rights of the Child was approved, which is also commemorated on this date.

The latter establishes the fundamental rights of children to protection, health and education, as well as the right to play, which helps them to socialise, explore and learn to solve problems.   

Although it is a universal date, each country dedicates a specific day to this cause, as, for example, in the case of Spain, it is also celebrated on the 15th of April. The aim of this day has evolved over the years, including new challenges for the future, such as reinforcing concern for the environment among children and promoting a culture of peace 

Visit L’Aquàrium de Barcelona  

One of the proposals we present in this article is a visit to L’Aquàrium de Barcelona, the world’s most important Mediterranean-themed marine leisure and educational centre, where you can learn about the biodiversity of the marine ecosystems of the Mediterranean and tropical waters, an experience for the whole family, with the youngest members of the family.   

World Children's Day

In addition, the facilities include the interactive space ‘Explora!‘, with more than 50 activities to discover the marine world through the senses. There are three different environments where you can enjoy the different habitats of Delta de l’Ebre, Costa Brava and the underwater cave of the Medes Islands.   

Chocolate Museum

Another place you can visit to celebrate this date with your family is the Chocolate Museum, a very original option to learn about the history and origin of chocolate and the myths surrounding it.   

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Parc del Pinaret and Parc del Pescador, in Cambrils

Taking advantage of the magnificent climate of Costa Dorada, in Catalonia, all year round, we suggest that you enjoy a day in Parc del Pinaret, a large enclosed urban park of more than 40,000 m² in the most inland area of Cambrils. It has different itineraries that run through the different areas that make up the park, surrounded by native Mediterranean vegetation. You can also take the opportunity to have a picnic in the table area of the pine grove, on the edge of Charles Darwin Avenue. 

World Children's Day Family park

This large space includes an area for cultural activities, with a pergola and an amphitheatre, where all kinds of performances take place; and three children’s play areas, with slides and swings, among other elements.   

On the other hand, if you follow the course of Alforja stream, you will come to Parc del Pescador, a smaller space of some 20,000 m², close to the seafront.

This was Cambrils’ first park, in homage to the town’s fishing tradition. It includes a pergola and an auditorium in the centre, where numerous activities are held throughout the year, and a walking area, with landscaped areas, and a Mediterranean garden, next to a pond. It also has several children’s play areas, with elements adapted to different age groups.   

Medieval villages on Costa Brava  

If you and your family want to travel back in time and become powerful knights of the Middle Ages, you cannot miss a visit to the most beautiful villages on Costa Brava, with their beautiful medieval architecture.

The walled enclosure of the Vila Vella, in the town of Tossa de Mar, from the beginning of the 13th century, stands out. It has four towers and three cylindrical towers: the tower of Joanàs, the tower of the hours and the tower of es Codolar. You can stroll through the narrow streets of the old town until you reach the current lighthouse, where a small castle once stood.   

The old town of Pals is another place not to be missed if you visit Costa Brava, where you can discover its cobbled streets, its sandstone houses, the castle, the tower of the hours, and much more.   

Other towns that also showcase their medieval heritage include Begur, Peratallada, Castelló d’Empúries, Sant Martí d’Empúries and Calella de Palafrugell, etc.   

Celebrate World Children’s Day and travel to one of the destinations we suggest. You have at your disposal Shuttle2Sun‘s private transfer services, low-cost and sustainable, from Barcelona airport, Barcelona port and Camp de Tarragona AVE train station. 

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