How to get to the Fires de Sant Narcís of Girona from the airport

From the 27th of October to the 5th of November, Girona will experience one of its most popular festivals, the Fires de Sant Narcís, patron saint of the city, with a very full programme for all tastes and ages, which includes more than 200 cultural, children’s, musical and fun events for everyone to enjoy.   

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Origin of the festivities

In 1285 the army of the King of France, Philip III the Bold arrived in Girona to confront King Peter III the Great of Aragon, where they stole and desecrated the tomb of Sant Narcís, which was in the church of Sant Feliu, breaking his arm. According to legend, a cloud of large flies began to sprout from the saint’s body, killing the soldiers and horses of the French army. 

Centuries later, in 1653, the flies once again defended the city, when the French again besieged the city of Girona, this time led by General Plessis-Bellière and Marshal Hocquincourt. And in 1684, the same thing happened, when the French army, once again, tried to take Girona, under the orders of Marshal Bellefond, and once again died at the hands of the flies of Sant Narcís.  

If you have visited Girona on any occasion, you will surely have noticed that flies are a symbol of the city, and if you have not yet done so, we encourage you to get to know this town and look for this popular insect on the walls of the streets of the old quarter. One of the most significant places in this respect is Carrer de les Mosques, decorated with sculptures of this bug, perched on its wall.    

In the same street, there was a house where, in theory, Narcís lived. In one of the windows, there is a footprint of the saint, which, according to the stories, he himself placed there to throw off those who were chasing him.

Fires Sant Narcís Girona Airport

Today, in memory of this event, there is a large sculpture of the foot of Sant Narcís, with flies at the corners of the monolith.   

In Carrer de les Mosques, you can also see a replica of a work by Salvador Dalí, in which Sant Narcís appears surrounded by these insects. Urban art artists have also painted flies in various parts of Girona’s old quarter to highlight the role of flies in the city’s history.  

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Cultural events  

Among all the programme of this new edition of the festivities, you must see the parades of the popular elements, in which the giants of the city, l’Àliga and the bigheaded, among others, take part. As well as the Diada Castellera, which will take place on Sunday, 29th of October, in Plaça del Vi. Castells groups will also be on display on Saturday 28th in the afternoon in Sant Feliu square, and on Wednesday 1st of November on the steps of Girona Cathedral

Fires Sant Narcís Girona Airport Cases Onyar

The elements of fire will also take to the streets during the correfoc on Saturday 28th, and in the Drakofarra, a spectacular fire and verse show with the Fal·lera Gironina and Diables de l’Onyar, which will take place on Friday 3rd. On Sunday 29th, you can also enjoy a magnificent performance of lights and fire in La Copa.   

Another of the main events is the “penjada de les mosques de Sant Narcís“, which consists of hanging sculptures of flies in the streets in reference to the origin of the festival. You can also get to know one of the most significant popular dances in Catalonia, the sardana, thanks to the different performances that will take place during these days.   


This year’s musical line-up includes top artists from the current music scene, such as the Tarragona band Crim, tomorrow, Saturday 27th of October; Ginestà and Mariona Escoda, on the 29th of October; Queralt Lahoz, on Tuesday 31st of October; the Valencian group Los Chikos del Maíz and Senyor Oca, on the 2nd of November; as well as La Fúmiga, on Friday 3rd of November; and Zoo, on Saturday 4th of November, among many other concerts.   

Various orchestras will also perform during these festive days, such as Orquestra Maravella, Orquestra La Principal La Bisbal and Orquestra Selvatana, among others.

Children’s activities  

If you are travelling with the youngest members of the family, you should bear in mind that the Fires de Sant Narcís 2023 have an extensive programme for children and families. One of the main attractions is the Circo Histórico Raluy, with the clown Tortell Poltrona, who will be in Plaça de l’Assemblea de Catalunya. There will also be musical performances by Els Atrapasomnis, La Clika and Ambauka; the children’s correfoc, which will take place on the 31st of October; and a wide range of children’s shows in Girona’s different neighbourhoods.   

The programme will close with fireworks display by Pirotècnia Valenciana on Sunday 5th of November at 8 p.m. in Parc de les Ribes del Ter.   

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