Get to know Barcelona’s Port in depth  

The Port of Barcelona is Spain’s main seaport and one of the busiest in the Mediterranean. Located on the north-east coast of the Iberian Peninsula, it stretches for 8 kilometres and boasts modern and efficient facilities that can accommodate a wide variety of vessels, from luxury cruise ships to large cargo ships. From this major port, Shuttle2Sun offers low-cost and sustainable private transfer services from Barcelona’s Port and, in addition, shared transfer services from Barcelona airport, Reus airport, Girona airport and Camp de Tarragona AVE train station 

We have an article about the curiosities of Barcelona El Prat airport, but this time it’s time to talk about the port of Barcelona. If you want to know in depth the history, importance and some curious facts about this port, stay until the end of the article to discover them.  


The history of the port of Barcelona dates back to Roman times, when it was established as a strategic commercial port on the Mediterranean coast. During the Roman Empire, Barcelona, known as Barcino, became an important centre of trade and maritime communication in the western Mediterranean, sharing influence with the port city of Tarragona.  

During the 13th century, the city of Barcelona experienced a period of economic and commercial growth, becoming one of the most important cities in the Mediterranean and, during the reign of the Catholic Monarchs, a shipyard was built where ships were built and repaired for the Spanish navy. This strengthened Barcelona’s position as a strategic port in the context of the sea voyages and explorations carried out during the Age of Discovery.  

During the 20th century, the port of Barcelona suffered some difficult times due to political conflicts and world wars, and the Spanish Civil War caused the port to be the scene of heavy fighting and suffered significant damage. However, once the conflict was over, reconstruction and modernisation work were carried out to restore port activity.  

Puerto Barcelona


With its rich history and strategic location on the Mediterranean coast, the Port of Barcelona has become one of the most important ports in Europe and has established itself as a leading logistics and distribution centre for national and international trade. It serves as a key entry point for the exchange of goods between Europe, Africa and the rest of the world. The port handles a wide range of products, including containers, automobiles, chemicals, foodstuffs and manufactured goods.  

In addition to its role as a commercial port, Barcelona has also established itself as a popular tourist destination for cruise ships and travellers visiting the Mediterranean. Each year, millions of tourists come to the port to explore the vibrant city of Barcelona and enjoy its beaches, the Sagrada Familia, the Gothic Quarter, La Casa Batlló, unique architectural landmarks and rich culture. The Barcelona Cruise Terminal, located in the port, is one of the most modern and advanced in Europe, providing high quality services to passengers and facilitating the smooth transit of ships.  

In addition, tourists use the port as a connection point to visit other towns on Costa Brava such as Blanes, Platja d’Aro and Lloret de Mar, or Costa Dorada, such as Tarragona, Cambrils, Salou and Reus. Together with Barcelona airport, they form a major point of entry and exit to and from the country. Whether you want to travel from the port of Barcelona to the centre of Barcelona or use it as an exit from the country, you can do it easily with Shuttle2Sun 

The port of Barcelona not only stands out for its economic and touristic importance, but also for its commitment to sustainability and the protection of the marine environment. In recent years, it has implemented a number of initiatives to reduce the environmental impact of port operations, including improving air quality, efficient waste management and promoting sustainable practices throughout the port community.  

In addition, it has become a centre for innovation and technological development in the maritime sector. Collaborations have been established with universities and companies to promote research and the implementation of advanced solutions in areas such as process automation, digitisation of the supply chain and improved operational efficiency 

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The importance of the Port of Barcelona is not only limited to its economic and logistical impact, but has also contributed significantly to the development of the city as a whole. It has generated employment and opportunities for the local population, boosted the growth of the tourist industry and promoted foreign investment in the region.  

On the other hand, its strong tourist activity is complemented by the AVE Camp de Tarragona train station and Reus airport, both located just one hour south of the port of Barcelona. On the other hand, the geographical proximity and excellent road network connecting the port of Barcelona with Girona airport in the north of Catalonia means that many visitors from the province of Girona use the land transport connections to continue their journey to the port of Barcelona, where they embark on cruises or enjoy the city’s tourist attractions.  

Curious facts  

The port of Barcelona is the protagonist of some facts that you may not have known before. 

For example, in 1992, Barcelona hosted the Summer Olympic Games, which welcomed many international visitors, from the rest of Spain and Costa Brava and Dorada, thanks to its proximity, which led to a major renovation and modernisation of the port. A new marina was built and the facilities for pleasure boats were improved 

On the other hand, the port of Barcelona, like Barcelona El Prat airport, is home to several works of contemporary art. Near the port and the Olympic Port, the sculpture “El Peix d’Or” (The Golden Fish), designed by the architect Frank Gehry, stands out. This stainless steel structure has become a symbol of the port and can be admired from different parts of the city.  

In the past 2019, the Port of Barcelona reached a record by receiving 4.4 million cruise passengers in a single year, making it the leading cruise port in Europe and one of the most important in the world.  

Finally, the port of Barcelona has been the setting for numerous film and television productions. Films such as Woody Allen’s “Vicky Cristina Barcelona” and Michelangelo Antonioni’s “The Passenger” have used the port and its surroundings as a backdrop.  

Now that you know the history and current affairs of this important port in Barcelona, are you planning to use it to visit the country or the city? You can transfer to any location on Costa Dorada, Costa Brava or around Barcelona travelling with Shuttle2Sun‘s private transfer services from Barcelona Port and, also shared transfer services, from Barcelona Airport, Reus Airport, Girona Airport and Camp de Tarragona AVE train station.  

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