Cabalgata de Reyes Magos  

The night of the 5th of January is the prelude to a morning of smiles, nerves, and enthusiasm for the youngest members of the family. Even though it is a very special date for them, we all participate in this amazement. ‘Los Reyes Magos’ are coming to visit us and how can we not go out into the streets to welcome and greet them?   

Each city celebrates the tradition of ‘los Reyes Magos’ in a different way.      

Barcelona welcomes ‘los Reyes Magos’ from Moll de la Fusta and the parade goes through the most emblematic streets of the city. This is one of the most important events of the year for locals and visitors alike.    

In Tarragona, their majesties welcome the city in the well-known Plaça de la Font, where, amidst bugles and kettledrums, they are handed the keys to the city so that Gaspar, Melchior and Balthazar can visit every home that night.   

It is common in both Costa Dorada and Costa Brava for the royal retinue to arrive by sea, a tradition deeply rooted in Mediterranean culture.    

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Cavalcade of ‘los Reyes Magos’
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