Charming places on Costa Dorada

One of the most special areas of Catalonia, and sometimes somewhat unknown, is Costa Dorada, bathed by the calm, crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Its magnificent climate and moderate temperatures throughout the year make it an ideal destination for a family getaway, even in the low season. Its name comes from the golden hue of the sand on its beaches, when it shines under the sun’s rays.   

Costa Dorada covers an area of 3,000 square kilometres and is located just over an hour from Barcelona and Barcelona-El Prat airport 

So that you can discover all the charms of Costa Dorada, this article will show you the places you cannot miss during your trip. In addition, you should bear in mind that with the private transfer services and shared transfer services, low-cost and sustainable, offered by Shuttle2Sun, you can move to any of the locations, from Barcelona airport, port of Barcelona, Girona airport and Camp de Tarragona AVE train station.    

El Pont del Diable

One of the most representative monuments in Tarragona is the Aqueduct of Les Ferreres, popularly known as El Pont del Diable, which was built in the 1st century to bring water to the city of Tarraco from the Francolí river.

The Roman infrastructure is about 217 metres long, with a height of up to 27 metres, and about 2 metres wide. It has two rows of arches, the lower one with 11 arches and the upper one with 25. You can find more information about this monument in our article “El Pont del Diable in Tarragona and its history”. 

This aqueduct is integrated within a park that will allow you to learn about the history of its construction, as well as to discover the natural beauty of the surroundings.

This large Romantic-style Garden was the work of the brothers Mariano Puig, a poet, and Rafael Puig, a forestry engineer. In addition, this large complex is home to a rich biodiversity native to the Mediterranean.  

Plaça de les Peixateries Velles in Reus

In the heart of Reus is a hidden square near the historic centre of the city, Plaça de les Peixateries Velles, designed by the architect Joan Figuerola. It is a rather small space in the eighteenth-century style, with porticoes characteristic of the 19th century, and with incredible views of Església Prioral de Sant Pere. 

charming places Costa Dorada

Until the end of the 20th century, this square was home to the market; however, nowadays, it is a great place for leisure activities and to enjoy the terraces of the different restaurants that are located there.  

Castell dels Montserrat, in Altafulla

One of the jewels of Altafulla is Castell dels Montserrat, located next to the church square. During the guided tours, you can stroll through the garden, see the common areas, the main staircase and the first floor.  

Its name comes from the noble title of Marquis of Tamarit, which was first granted by King Charles II to Francesc de Montserrat i Vives in 1668, who was living in the castle at the time. It was previously owned by the Requesens family from the 14th century until the end of the 15th century. This beautiful Renaissance-style palace is considered a Cultural Asset of National Interest.   

In addition to the fortress, its surroundings include an urban centre full of history, through its walls, towers and gates, parts of which are still preserved. Very close to the castle is Església de Sant Martí, built at the beginning of the 18th century. Although it has a very austere façade, don’t miss its interior, which houses a Baroque altarpiece from 1745, made by the Reus sculptor Josep Vila, together with Francesc Morales, a gilder from Valls. 

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charming places costa dorada pont del diable

Parc Samà of Cambrils 

Another place not to be missed during your visit to Costa Dorada is the botanical park of Cambrils, known as Parc Samà, an extensive area of up to 14 hectares, designed by José Fontserè i Mestres, and promoted by Salvador Samà i Torrents, in 1881. The purpose of this large space was to be used as a summer residence for the Samà family of “Indianos”, Marquises of Marianao.   

The most outstanding features are the large lake and the three islands linked by suspension bridges. You can also see the “dainas, a species smaller than the deer, which is native to the Mediterranean region; as well as the Marianao Aviary, with a wide variety of exotic birds, and up to 16 species of macaws.  

If you want to find out all about this park on Costa Dorada, don’t miss our article “Enter the magnificent Parc Samà in Cambrils”.  

Falconera viewpoint in Salou  

Something that characterises Costa Dorada, all year round, are the spectacular sunsets that you can enjoy from different points along the coast. One of the most outstanding, if you want to see a unique sunset, is the Falconera viewpoint, which is just a few steps from the Salou lighthouse. This is one of the points of Cap Salou that goes deepest into the sea, offering magical views of the entire coastline of the municipality, such as, for example, to the right, Cala del Racó de les Ànimes, the closest to the viewpoint.   

To make your stay perfect, we suggest stay at one of these accommodations: the 4-star superior Hotel Palas Pineda, located just a few metres from the beach of La Pineda; Mònica Hotel, in Cambrils, an ideal option if you are travelling with your family; and Hotel Augustus, located in Vilafortuny, in a magnificent, privileged area of Costa Dorada.   

If you have found these places interesting, dare to discover many more during your visit to Costa Dorada. Remember that with Shuttle2Sun‘s private transfer services and shared transfer services, low-cost and sustainable, you can go to any of the locations, from Barcelona airport, port of Barcelona, Girona airport and Camp de Tarragona AVE train station. 

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