5 plans to enjoy Barcelona

In a large part of the world, especially in the northern hemisphere, the month of September is related to the return to routine, to work, and, more specifically, to studies, as the youngest of the house and young people return to classes, thus initiating the school calendar. The end of the vacations, for many, is a time of sadness because the summer months are over.   

Even so, there are many plans that can be combined with our daily life, for example, take a getaway to relax and relive that feeling of joy that shakes our body when we travel. That is why we present in this article a series of plans to continue enjoying your free time, in this case, visiting Barcelona, during this month of September.   

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Picasso Museum

The first of the options we propose for this September is to visit the Picasso Museum, which brings together the entire collection of the artist from Malaga, who, since childhood, moved to Barcelona, to live his youth in the city, where he managed to create great links with their environment.   

This space has about 5,000 works by Pablo Picasso, from painting to sculpture, among which are the maritime scene in oil La Playa de la Barceloneta; Las Meninas, dedicated to the Infanta Margarita María; the portrait of Jaume Sabartés with ruff and hat; Ciencia y Caridad; La Espera (Margot), executed in Paris; Desamparados; and the Arlequín (Harlequin).   

Pedralbes Monastery

If you love art and architecture, you can also take the opportunity to visit the Royal Monastery of Santa Maria de Pedralbes, one of the most representative historical buildings of the Catalan Gothic style, which was founded in 1326 by Queen Elisenda de Montcada i Pinós, married to King James II, to be inhabited by Poor Clare nuns, the female branch of the Franciscan order.   

Plans Barcelona September

You can enter the monastery and discover, in the church, the bifrontal tomb of the queen, who died in 1364; the Chapel of San Miguel, painted by Ferrer Bassa, with scenes of the passion of Christ and the joys of the Virgin; the common dormitory; the cloister, which is the most significant space of the building and is considered the largest in the world; as well as other rooms such as the refectory, for meals; and the chapter house, for meetings of great importance, among other rooms. You can also appreciate the walls that surround the perimeter of Pedralbes.   

Tibidabo Amusement Park

One of the oldest theme parks in the world is Tibidabo, located at the top of the mountain that bears its name, in Barcelona. You can enjoy the best views of the city, thanks to its privileged location, 512 meters above sea level.   

It has more than 25 attractions, some of which have been in operation since 1905. Highlights include the Talaia; the Giradabo Ferris wheel; the 1928 airplane; the Muntanya Russa; Miraespejos and the Carousel. You can also enter the Krüeger Hotel, an abandoned lodging with characters from horror movies; and ride the funicular, which will take you to Doctor Andreu Square.   

In addition, the park offers a wide variety of shows and events, as well as restaurants, so you can get your strength back during the day. 

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plans Barcelona september pedralbes

A unique experience at the Fabra Observatory

Another option that may interest you if you visit Barcelona in September is the Fabra Observatory, owned by the Royal Academy of Sciences and Arts of Barcelona. The project, designed by architect Josep Domènech i Estapà with scientific advice from Eduardo Fontseré i Riba, was financed mainly by Camil Fabra i Fontanills, hence the name of the observatory.   

During the guided tour, you can learn about the three sections that are currently active: astronomy, meteorology and seismology. Also, the modernist room, the museum, the dome and the operation of the centenary telescopes, among other rooms.   

In addition, the Fabra Observatory has, until the end of this month, a unique gastronomic experience for the most exquisite palates. You will dine under the stars, while enjoying a lecture of scientific dissemination. The evening will be complemented with a visit to the interior of the facilities.    

Stroll through La Barceloneta  

Enter Barcelona’s s seafarers’ district, known as La Barceloneta, which comprises a set of narrow streets, designed in the 18th century. Inside this area, bathed by the Mediterranean Sea, you will find emblematic buildings that you cannot miss, such as the church of Sant Miquel del Port, one of the oldest in the neighbourhood; or the Barceloneta Market, a space that combines the classic and the modern, maintaining its original wrought iron structure.   

On the other hand, you can stroll through the Barceloneta Park, which maintains elements of the old factory ‘Catalana de Gas’, such as the building and the Water Tower; as well as observe the great steel sculpture El Pez Dorado (The Golden Fish), the work of Canadian architect Frank Ghery. It is located at the end of the promenade. In addition, this neighbourhood also has numerous restaurants, bars and nightclubs, which are a great tourist attraction.  

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